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Isla George is an American singer-songwriter influenced by the roots of R&B with a modern take on ‘70s soul and ‘90s hip hop. Isla’s voice has her own unique sound.

Her debut album titled “Be Kind To The People” was recorded in Tarzana California and produced and co-written by Adrian Gurvitz. 

Her belief in the power of soul music as a device for unification and healing is seen through her acts of creating community through social media, from mass meditations for the black community to creating safe spaces for black women. She is bringing the soul back to soul music.

Acknowledged by Stevie Wonder and his love for her album, as well as many other peers throughout the music industry, she is recognized as an artist dedicated to paving a new path forward with purpose driven music.

Isla’s music is a reminder to all of us to be kind to each other. Her lyrics speak to what’s real and important in these times of uncertainty. She is a much needed spokes person for these times.

She is the truth.



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